Professional Workshops

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto is Canada’s leading provider of professional development in mindfulness-based program. Our highly-trained and well-respected faculty includes Zindel Segal, Susan Woods, Patricia Rockman, Evan Collins, and Gwen Morgan.

We offer a variety of general and introductory courses in addition to our certificate training programs.

Mindfulness Core Concepts Learn about the research and application of mindfulness in this 6-hour introductory training. This general course is most suitable for those interested in the personal and professional applications of mindfulness. It is also the first training module for the MBSR Certificate Training program.

MBCT Basics Explore the therapeutic benefits, underlying principles and assumptions of MBCT while experiencing its essential practices and associated cognitive exercises. This 12-hour introductory training is most suitable for healthcare providers and social service workers interested in learning about MBCT, its clinical benefits, and application to personal and professional resilience. It is also the one of the first training modules for the MBCT Certificate Training program.

CBT Meets Mindfulness This 6-hour training provides a practical introduction to the current landscape of cognitive therapies. It is most suitable for healthcare providers interested in learning more about cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and its integration with the “third wave” of cognitive therapies such as MBCT, DBT, and ACT. This course is also one of the first training modules for the MBCT Certificate Training program.

MTER Training This 12-hour training was developed to teach clinicians how to deliver the 4-session Mindfulness Training in Emotional Resilience program. It brings the lens of mindfulness into clinical work and is suitable for healthcare providers looking to start integrating mindfulness into practice.

Dharma with a Twist This 4-5 day silent retreat explores the intersection between the Dharma (the ancient wisdom teachings of the Buddha), mindfulness-based programs, and inquiry. It is offered once a year and is open to all mindfulness facilitators and trainees.

We also offer more advanced courses for experienced facilitators looking for learning opportunities outside of our certificate training programs.

Learn to Deliver Mindfulness-Based Groups Online This 6-hour highly interactive workshop is designed for psychotherapists and mindfulness facilitators looking to deliver in the online space. It is based on the Zoom platform and teaches a wide variety of tips and recommendations gleaned from the Centre’s 4+ years delivering mindfulness-based programs online. Registration includes a 30-page guidebook and is highly recommended for all certificate program trainees.

Inquiry Essentials Inquiry is the post-practice and exercise dialogue of investigating experience intended to inspire curiosity and develop equanimity. It is at the heart of mindfulness-based programs and is often the most difficult skill to learn. This 12-hour training is suitable for any mindfulness facilitator who has facilitated at least one mindfulness-based program. This course is of benefit to clinicians who wish to incorporate a new way of interacting with their psychotherapy clients. It is also a fundamental module for all of the Centre’s certificate training programs.

Advanced Teacher Training Intensive This 4-day intensive training is the final training module for all of the Centre’s certificate training programs. It is suitable for any mindfulness facilitator who has facilitated at least three mindfulness-based programs. The course focuses on advanced inquiry and embodied presence through teach-backs, coaching, and feedback.

Facilitation Mentorship The Centre considers mentorship essential for competency in any therapeutic domain and we are proud to have more than 15 Approved MBCT Mentors and over 10 Approved MBSR Mentors on our faculty. While a certain number of mentorship hours are required as part of our certificate training programs, any mindfulness facilitator – from novice to expert – can benefit from working with the Centre’s mentors.

Whether you are completely new to mindfulness training or highly experienced and want to sharpen your facilitation skills, these workshops will provide practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your professional practice.

If you are interested in completing one of the Centre’s full certificate training programs (MBCT or MBSR), please click below.

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