Information on Insurance Coverage

Please see our policies below for more information regarding insurance, receipts and invoices. It is the responsibility of the participant to confirm whether the program*, non-MD facilitator, and service is covered by their private insurance company prior to registration.

1. Third-Party Private Insurance Coverage

If you have employee benefits or third-party private insurance, it may cover all or part of the cost of a therapeutic program. Please check the non-MD facilitator(s) professional designation(s) for the program you wish to take, and confirm the non-MD facilitator’s professional designation is covered by your insurance and also that the program is not an excluded service for that profession. *Please refer to the Helpful Insurance & Registration Info section of the program you wish to register for to see if you are eligible to receive an insurance receipt.

A. Verification of Coverage

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider and confirm what professional designations your plan covers (e.g. Clinical Psychologist C.Psych, Registered Psychotherapist RP, Social Worker RSW or MSW RSW, Occupational Therapist OT, Naturopath ND, Registered Nurse RN). You will also want to make sure that your coverage includes the type of group therapy in question (and whether online group therapy is included) – sometimes there are restrictions on the particular services covered by a given health profession. Please note that the Physician (MD) facilitator cannot sign insurance receipts so it is important that you confirm your coverage for the non-MD facilitator(s).


B. Attendance

Insurance receipts will reflect your actual attendance for each program session excluding the silent retreat. If you do not attend a session, it is very unlikely that your insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of that session.

C. Insurance Receipts

Your third-party insurance provider will require an itemized receipt that details the therapy you received. The Centre cannot issue an insurance receipt until the program has ended. Insurance receipts will be provided within one week of the last session.

As your program draws to a close, you will be asked to indicate whether you require an insurance receipt. If you do not submit your response via the learning platform, you will not receive an insurance receipt.

The receipt will be signed by the program’s non-MD facilitator(s) and will include their professional credential(s) and college registration number(s). Your insurance provider requires that you submit your claim under one provider name and one professional credential. Your choice of how to submit your claim should reflect your insurance policy – see A. Verification of Coverage above.

Insurance receipts will not be available prior to program completion.

D. Insurance Documentation

To assist with your verification of insurance coverage, we are pleased to provide sample insurance receipts for the following programs.

E. Bursary Participants

Please note that if you received a bursary to take one of our programs, you are not eligible to receive an insurance receipt. We encourage those with third-party insurance to pay for their own programs as our bursary spots are limited.

*Most of our therapeutic programs are eligible for insurance coverage. However, our introductory workshops, silent retreats, and professional development courses can not be claimed. 

2. Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) Coverage

Many of our therapeutic programs have an MD facilitator who is paid by OHIP. These programs therefore require a valid OHIP number which you will have to submit to the Centre before the program starts. For those who wish to take these programs but do not have a valid OHIP card, please contact the Centre before registering. If there is sufficient room in the program, it may be possible for you to register at a slightly higher cost than the one advertised on our website.

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