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Choosing a Mindfulness Program

How to Register for a Program

Personal Programs

I am interested in taking a course, but I am not sure which course to take, or what the differences are between them.

The three main 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Programs we offer are listed below. All programs are available online. To see a full list of our upcoming programs and to register, please
visit the personal program calendar. 

  1. 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Recommended for depression and/or anxiety
  1. 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Recommended for stress, chronic pain, and/or illness
  1. 8-Week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
  • Recommended for emotional wellbeing, responding to self-criticism and perfectionism 

To compare these three programs side by side, to understand the similarities and differences please visit –

Where can I find a list of your upcoming Personal Programs and Professional Development Programs?
I’m struggling financially. Does the Centre for Mindfulness Studies provide any bursary programs that can help me cover the cost of a course?
  • If you are currently experiencing financial barriers that would prevent you from paying the full cost of a Mindfulness-Based Program, you and a healthcare provider can fill out and submit a bursary application. It typically takes about 1 month to get into a program, after your application has been submitted.  You are welcome to learn more about this option and apply for the Bursary ProgramIf you have any other questions regarding the bursary, please email us and let us know.
Is the course I am taking eligible to be covered through insurance? Where can I find the designation of the health professional who will be running the course?
  • If you have third-party Insurance, it may cover all or part of the cost of one of our therapeutic Personal Programs. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to confirm what health professions your plan covers (e.g Clinical Psychologist Psych, Registered Psychotherapist RP, Social Worker RSW or MSW RSW, Occupational Therapist OT, Naturopath ND, Registered Nurse RN).  Ensure that the profession is covered by your insurance and that the program is not an excluded service for that profession.

    It’s helpful to check if this coverage includes the types of therapies in question, which is Group Therapy or In-Person Group Therapy (sometimes there are restrictions on the particular services covered by a given health profession).  Insurance receipts will be issued during the final session of the program for in-person programs, and 1-2 business days following the last session for online programs. To see sample insurance receipts, or more information on coverage, please visit Insurance Coverage.

  • To see the designation of the health professional who will be running the course, please go to the Personal Program Calendar where you will find a full list of training’s being offered at the Centre.  Click on the program that you are interested in registering for.  Scroll down to the bottom of the link and you will see the section: “Facilitators.”  This section will outline the name and credentials of the health professionals who will be facilitating the program.

    In the example below, participants can receive an insurance receipt from a registered social worker and/or a registered psychotherapist. 


I have registered for a Personal Program at the Centre but I have not heard anything back. When do I get more program information and access to a zoom link?
  • You should receive an email from the Centre about 4-5 business days before the phone intake interview date. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder in case the email may have landed there. For programs using Zoom, you will receive an email from the Centre with the link to join the online session the day of the first session. It will also be available on the Learning Platform. If you haven’t received the Zoom link 3-4 hours before the start of session, please contact us at

Professional Development

I am interested but a bit confused in the steps involved in pursuing one of the Certification Training Pathways offered at the Centre. Where can I find more information about becoming a mindfulness facilitator?
  • Have you taken the 8-week mindfulness-based program (MBP) as a participant? Every training pathway requires that you participate in the program as a prerequisite so that is the first step to any facilitation training.
  • Learn more about our MBCT Facilitation Training, it may help to start with the simplified MBCT info graphic.
  • For the MBSR Training Pathway, have a look at our MBSR info graphic.
  • For MSC Facilitation Training, visit the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion.
  • If you have reviewed these links but you still have questions, the next step is to complete the application form. By submitting this specific information, the Centre can properly assess your situation and advise you on how to proceed.

If you are interested in the MBCT Certification Training offered at the Centre but I do not have a clinical designation, please click here

I am interested in pursuing the MBSR/MBCT Certification Training, and one of the prerequisites is a 5-7 day silent retreat. Does the Centre offer silent retreats that can help fulfill this requirement?
  • The Centre offers The Dharma with a Twist, a 4- or 5-day silent retreat, once a year – usually in October. Combine this with our 2-day Advanced Practice Silent Retreat or two or three of our 1-day Silent Retreats to fulfill the requirements of the prerequisite.
  • You can also consider facilitator-led silent retreats offered outside of the Centre. A list of retreat centres is available on our Resources page – please scroll down and click on the “Practice Support and Retreats section.
    Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the silent retreat meets prerequisite requirements. 
  • If you are unsure whether a silent retreat meets the prerequisite requirements, please include details in your application or email

Have a question that is not listed? Click here to access our FAQ page. 


Directions & Parking

Public transit directions

From Dufferin Station
Board the southbound 29 Dufferin bus to Queen Street. Exit the bus at Queen St (Stop ID: 15030). Turn left on Queen Street and walk under the bridge. Turn right onto Sudbury Street (Gladstone Avenue becomes Sudbury Street south of Queen). Continue walking to 180 Sudbury Street.

From Union Station
Take the University subway line north to Osgoode Station. Make sure to take a transfer when you pay your fare. Exit the subway and board a 501 Queen streetcar westbound to Gladstone Avenue. Turn right onto Sudbury Street (Gladstone Avenue becomes Sudbury Street south of Queen). Continue walking to 180 Sudbury Street.

From the Main Bus Terminal
Exit the bus terminal via the Dundas Street exit. Walk east along Dundas Street to Yonge Street and take the subway southbound one stop to Queen St Station. Make sure to take a transfer when you buy your subway ticket. Exit the subway at Queen St Station and board a 501 Queen streetcar west to Gladstone Avenue. Exit the streetcar at Gladstone Ave (Stop ID: 6838). Turn right onto Sudbury Street (Gladstone Avenue becomes Sudbury Street south of Queen). Continue walking to 180 Sudbury Street.

From the airport and locations northwest of Toronto
Take the 192 airport Rocket to Kipling station. Make sure to take a transfer when you buy your ticket at Kipling Station. Take the Eastbound subway and exit at Dufferin station. Board the southbound 29 Dufferin bus to Queen Street. Exit the bus and turn left on Queen Street. Turn right onto Sudbury Street (Gladstone Avenue becomes Sudbury Street south of Queen). Continue walking to 180 Sudbury Street.

Driving Directions

From northeast of Toronto
Take the 401 west to Don Valley Parkway south. Take the DVP to Gardiner Expressway west, exit from the Gardiner at Lakeshore/Spadina Exit and take Lakeshore west to Strachan. Turn right onto Strachan Avenue and travel north to Queen Street. Turn left and travel west on Queen to Sudbury Street. Turn left onto Sudbury Street and continue to 180 Sudbury Street.*

From the Pearson International Airport and locations northwest of Toronto
Take the 401 east to Highway 427 south. Travel south to the Gardiner Expressway. Take the Gardiner Expressway east and exit on Jameson Avenue. Head north on Jameson Avenue to Queen Street. Turn right onto Queen Street. Turn right onto Sudbury Street (the first street after Dufferin Avenue) and continue to 180 Sudbury Street.*

From north Toronto
Take the 401 either east or west to exit at Allen Road. Take Allen Road south to Eglinton Avenue. Turn right onto Eglinton Avenue West. Turn left onto Kirknewton Rd. Turn left onto Hunter Avenue. Turn right onto Dufferin Street. Travel south on Dufferin Street and turn left onto Queen Street. Turn right onto Sudbury Street and continue to 180 Sudbury Street.


Street parking is available on Queen Street and Abell Street. Paid parking is available on Queen Street and nearby side roads. Free street parking is available on nearby side roads: Peel Ave. and Alma Ave. After 10 am free parking is also available on Northcote Ave.

Additional paid parking is available at the nearest Green P lots:


Two Entrances: Room 1 and Room 2 Entrance

Our Office and Room 1 Entrance:

Our Office and Room 1 are at the west and east sides of the 180 Sudbury building (not through the main entrance). For courses in Room 1, instead of using the 180 Sudbury front entrance, go around the west (left) side of the building – it’s the last door on your right.

Room 2 and Multi-purpose Room Entrance

The entrance to courses in the Room 2  and Multi-purpose Room are through the front entrance to the building. When you arrive please use the buzzer in the lobby and dial 1192. Room 2 is on the main floor, past the elevators, first door on your right.

See the map below.

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