Costs & Donation
The fee below covers the cost of room and board only. The teachers will not receive any payments from the organization. The facilitators, following the teachings on the practice of generosity of the ancient Buddhist tradition, will be offering their time and their facilitation skills to the retreatants. Participants are invited to consider this deeply and invited to consider making a donation on top of the fees in appreciation of the facilitator’s donated time and skills and to support them in their well-being and livelihood.

There are opportunities to donate in person at the retreat or online here.

Please bring:
•    yoga mat
•    meditation cushion
•    a shawl or blanket if needed
•    comfortable clothing
•    indoor, soft-soled shoes, sandals or slippers

The retreat location is a scent-free environment. Cell phones are prohibited in all but the main floor phone booth in the Guest House. Use of electronic devices and other distractions such as computers and books is strongly discouraged.