Learn to Facilitate MBCT

The MBCT Facilitation Certificate is an internationally-recognized training for healthcare professionals to become mindfulness teachers. This is the only specialized program for MBCT facilitation in Canada.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based group modality to treat acute anxiety and mood disorders that combines the tools of cognitive therapy with the practice of mindfulness meditation. It follows an 8-week, group therapy curriculum.

Do you have the prerequisites?

Consider taking the introductory training modules before you apply: MBCT Basics & CBT Mindfulness Primer

Description of Prerequisites

The purpose of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Facilitation Certificate is to provide learners with a level of training to enable them to offer this modality to the public.

This is an attendance-based program and does not assess competency. Completing this certificate program allows trainees to move on to the Advanced Facilitation Certification, a competency-based program.

All participants pursuing the certificate program must:

  • Hold a professional clinical designation or obtain prior approval
  • Have a daily mindfulness practice
  • Complete an 8-week MBCT program as a participant
  • Participate in a total of 5-7 day silent retreat*

The starting point for those wishing to teach MBCT for recurrent depression is to have had accredited training in counseling or psychotherapy or as a mental health professional with experience in mood disorders. In addition, training in behavioral or cognitive therapy or an equivalent evidence-based approach to depression, as well as experience in running groups, is needed….Recognizing the patterns of thoughts and feelings that create vulnerability (to depression) both refines the actual teaching of mindfulness and enhances its relevance to class participants.

– Segal, Z., & Teasdale, J. (n.d.). The Eight-Session Program. I)n M. Williams (Ed.), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression (pp. 78-79).

*Please note that a 7-day silent retreat is ideal while a 5-day silent retreat is sufficient; If you are unable to participate in a 5-7 day silent retreat, The Centre will accept the completion of a 3-day silent retreat as well as a 2-day silent retreat; In exceptional circumstances, we may also accept a 3-day silent retreat combined with the completion of two 1-day silent retreats – please obtain explicit approval from The Centre before pursuing this last option)

MBCT Facilitation Certificate

Apply, pay, receive confirmation, then register for the core modules:

1. CBT Mindfulness Primer

2. MBCT Training Intensive

3. MBCT Practicum

4. Facilitation Mentorship

Mentoring in most therapeutic domains is considered essential for competency.

5. Inquiry Essentials

Inquiry is the practice of asking a question to investigate our experience.

How to Request your MBCT Facilitation Certificate