Understanding Mindfulness-Based Programs (MBPs)

MBCT and MBSR Similarities

  • The program foundation is the practice of mindfulness
  • Participants will develop awareness by paying attention and noticing
  • 8-week structure, 2.5 hours per weekly session
  • 1-day silent retreat (recommended)
  • Group format with individual home practice and exercises each week
  • Program is built around facilitator-led discussion and inquiry
  • Sessions include formal meditation practices and mindful movement exercises

MBCT and MBSR Differences

MBCT and MBSR Themes

MBCT ThemesMBSR Themes
Orientation & InterviewGroup Orientation (45-60 minutes) & One-On-One Intake Interview (10-15 minutes)Group Orientation (45-60 minutes) & One-On-One Intake Interview (5-10 minutes)
Session 1Awareness & Automatic PilotExperiencing New Possibilities
Session 2Living in Our HeadsDiscovering the Wisdom of Embodiment
Session 3Gathering AttentionPerception Determines Experience
Session 4Recognizing AversionImpact of Stress & Stress Reactivity
Session 5Allowing/Letting BeCoping Strategies & Emotional Intelligence
Session 6Thoughts Are Not FactsStressful Communications
Session 7How Can I Best Take Care of MyselfIncreasing Resilience & Self-Care
Session 8Using What I Have LearnedWeaving Your Parachute Before You Jump
RecommendedAttend one of the Centre’s monthly Silent Retreat (6 hours)Attend one of the Centre’s monthly Silent Retreat (6 hours)

Personal Programs

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Professional Development

Start: Thursday, April 25, 2019
2019-04-25 04:00:00
Start: Monday, May 6, 2019
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Start: Monday, June 3, 2019
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