Mindfulness Core Concepts

Mindfulness Core Concepts Program Testimonial: “I thoroughly enjoyed taking MCC. It provided comprehensive information, fostered engaging discussions, and utilized breakout sessions effectively. The online format was convenient, and I now feel confidently grounded in mindfulness fundamentals.”

Learn about the applications of mindfulness and mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) in contemporary society.

This training is for professionals to learn about the use of mindfulness in healthcare, social services, education, and the community.

It emphasizes the two core MBPs – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) – and serves as the first training module for the Centre’s certificate training pathways.

It also covers Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and surveys the many other applications including how mindfulness is used as a tool for personal and professional resilience.

This workshop moves between didactic and experiential practices to cover the historical, theoretical, and scientific underpinnings of mindfulness.

It includes an introduction to the three most common MBPs (MBCT, MBSR, MSC), as well as other clinical and educational applications of mindfulness.

The experiential workshop explores how mindfulness is increasingly used to address stress, depression, anxiety, and other challenges in contemporary society.

Participants are given the opportunity to lead a short mindfulness practice in smaller groups with feedback from the teacher(s).

Mindfulness Core Concepts Program Testimonial: “MCC provided me with a solid foundation in mindfulness. The expert guidance, combined with practical exercises, helped me develop a deeper understanding of mindfulness principles.“
A group of diverse people meditating in sitting positions outside on yoga mats on a beautiful day

Who Should Attend

This introductory course is meant for general interest and professional development.

It is most suitable for those interested in the professional application of mindfulness including those working in healthcare, social service, education, and other sectors.

It is suitable for professionals looking to explore mindfulness for personal and professional resilience but is not a substitute for therapy.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

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9 hours of in-class training

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$475 CAD

As a charity, we do not charge taxes.

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* This course is for continuing professional development only and is not to be taken for assistance with personal concerns such as anxiety, depression or other difficult mind and mood states.

Learning Objectives:

  • To be able to define mindfulness
  • To experience and reflect on a number of introductory mindfulness practices and the post-meditation inquiry process that support these
  • To acquire an introductory understanding of the three most common MBPs (MBCT, MBSR, MSC) while surveying other clinical and educational applications of mindfulness
  • To explore and appreciate the historical and theoretical roots of contemporary mindfulness
  • To consider the evidence-base, mechanisms, and limitations of mindfulness
  • To practise delivering a brief mindfulness practice suitable for clients

Upcoming Courses

Mindfulness Core Concepts Online 25-333-01

Start: Wednesday, October 30, 2024
Facilitator(s): Melissa Nigrini RP & Kim Ronaline Salvador RP (Qualifying)