Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing a Mindfulness Program

How to Register for a Program

Registration information

How do I find the course I want to register for?

All of our upcoming courses are listed on our calendar page. You may apply filters to find courses either by category (e.g. personal, professional) or by tags (e.g. stress, depression, weekly, intensive). If you are unsure of which course to take, you can ask your family physician or therapist to refer you to a specific program.

How do I register as a Bursary recipient?

You must first apply for a Bursary. If you qualify, you will be contacted by our Operations Coordinator when a space in a program becomes available.

Why do you charge for your programs?

We have many clinicians and mindfulness teachers that deliver our programs. Many are Social Workers, Registered Psychotherapists, and Occupational Therapists. Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover these services. Many extended health plans cover these services and you may be able to submit a receipt for reimbursement depending on your coverage. You should check with your health insurance provider for the type of services you are covered for. The Centre has a few physicians that also teach our programs; if you take a program with a physician facilitator, we require you to include  your OHIP card information on your application as they must submit this to OHIP.

Do you offer group registrations?

Yes, the Centre quite often arranges workshops for a group or organization. We are also happy to set up a meet and greet session for representatives from healthcare organizations. Please see our custom programs page.

Do you offer private therapy sessions?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take direct referrals for individual psychotherapy. The GP Psychotherapy Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario offer information about practitioners in Ontario.

Do I need to bring anything with me or otherwise prepare for an in-person course?

Please wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers. We will ask you to remove your shoes so you may want to bring slippers or an extra pair of socks. You don’t need to bring any special supplies but you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat or meditation cushion if you prefer. For full-day courses, you may wish to bring a packed lunch or visit the restaurants nearby along Queen Street.

Payment Methods & Insurance Reimbursement

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are handled securely online through Ticketleap. Contact us if you require an alternative method of payment.

What do I do if I can't pay using the Internet/Ticketleap?

If you are unable to pay for a course using Ticketleap, please call us or email us at

Will my insurance cover the cost of a course?

If you have third-party insurance, it may cover all or part of the cost of a therapeutic course. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider to confirm what health professions your plan covers (e.g. Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Naturopath) and that this coverage includes the types of therapies in question (sometimes there are restrictions on the particular services covered by a given health profession). Please check the profession of the non-physician faculty for the program you wish to take, and confirm that profession is covered by your insurance and that the program is not an excluded service for that profession. Insurance receipts will be issued during the final session of the program. *Please refer to the Helpful Insurance & Registration Info section of the program you wish to register for to see if you are eligible to receive an insurance receipt.

How do I submit an insurance claim for a course?
Your insurance provider will require an itemized receipt that details the total number of hours of therapy you received. Upon request, an insurance receipt signed by the course facilitators will be issued 1 to 2 business days following the final session of the program. *Please refer to the Helpful Insurance & Registration Info section of the program you wish to register for to see if you are eligible to receive an insurance receipt.
What are your payment, refund and cancellation policies?

Full details are available here.


What is the buzzer code for the front door?

If you are here for a program, you will enter through the 180 Sudbury Street front entrance and use the buzzer code #1192 to be let in. If you are just dropping by the Centre, please ensure there will be someone to meet you as our staff operates remotely Monday – Friday.

Where can I find driving/public transit directions?
Visit our Contact Us page for a map and detailed directions and parking information.
Is the Centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, including access to barrier-free washrooms.


Do you offer accommodations?

Participants are responsible for securing their own accommodations during their courses. Nearby hotels include the Gladstone Hotel and the Drake Hotel both of which are within a 5 minute walk of the Centre.

Pro Dev Programs

Do I need a clinical designation to teach MBCT?
  • If you are interested in training to be an MBCT facilitator, first check whether it is a controlled act in your region. In many provinces (e.g. British Columbia) and states (e.g. New York), MBCT facilitators are required to have a clinical mental health or healthcare designation. For example, the 2018 Controlled Act of Psychotherapy in Ontario makes it compulsory for MBCT facilitators to be registered with one of six health regulatory colleges (RSW, RP, C.Psych, OT Reg., MD, RN).
  • The Centre will accept non-clinicians into the MBCT Training Pathway as long as they have done their due diligence in regards to legislation in the area(s) they plan to deliver the program.
  • If you are unable to facilitate MBCT because of legislative restrictions, consider applying to the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Facilitation Certificate
  • Please note that all 8-week MBPs offered by the Centre are delivered as clinical healthcare interventions facilitated by registered healthcare professionals. Completing the 8-week MBP prerequisite with the Centre provides trainees with the opportunity to assess the program’s clinical aspects. Key clinical components (e.g. intake and assessment, charting) will also be covered in the training intensive and practicum training modules.

Personal Programs

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Start: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Professional Development

Start: Friday, June 14, 2024
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