Mindfully Managing Anxiety and Uncertainty

MMAU Program Testimonial: “This course offered a vital mental well-being reset. Highlighting ingrained habits that were holding me back. With my new skills, I'm committed to making positive changes.“

Managing anxiety and uncertainty – live the life you want to live.

Do worry, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty limit what you do with your life?

Do you find yourself avoiding people and activities that are important to you?

Does your mind seem filled with overwhelming thoughts and emotions?

Do you want to build a toolkit of practical, short, and easy-to-use skills and techniques?

If so, this program is for you. 

This live online group, based on CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, will help you develop a new relationship to anxiety through learning new tools and skills for working more skillfully with anxiety to live the life you want to be living.

As a participant, you will gain:

  • An understanding of anxiety and how anxiety influences our lives
  • Practical and accessible tools and skills to help you “unhook” from the negative influences of anxiety and uncertainty
  • Approaches that support you in moving towards what you value in life
Light skinned man with red hair in deep meditation with eyes closed with plants and bookshelf in the background

Who Should Attend

This program is currently only available to participants in Canada.

If you’re interested in taking this course but do not reside in Canada, or don’t see a time that works for you, let us know!

Fill out our interest list here.


This program has 6 weekly online sessions of 2.5 hours each. 


$450 CAD

As a charity, we do not charge taxes.

MMAU Program Testimonial: “This program is practical. It is well thought-out. It is progressive and offers numerous tools to navigate anxiety and uncertainty which can easily be incorporated into everyday activities.”
MMAU Program Testimonial: “The tools and compassionate environment of this program were invaluable. This special program equips folks with effective tools to manage anxiety and live more freely.”

Most third-party insurance plans cover the cost of this program.

Upcoming Courses

Mindfully Managing Anxiety and Uncertainty 25-135-02

Start: Wednesday, October 9, 2024
Facilitator(s): Rhea Plosker RSW RP