Housing Outreach Project – Collaborative

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies is a proud partner of the Housing Outreach Project – Collaborative (HOP-C), a CIHR-funded clinical trial and research initiative following young people’s trajectories out of homelessness. HOP-C considers youth leadership, sector collaboration, a team approach, and cultural relevance as foundational to its work. The primary objective of HOP-C is to foster efforts that enable young people in transitions to healthier lives. 

You can read more about the initiative and our findings here!   

How it works:  

HOP-C is a randomized control study which means eligible participants will be placed into 1 of 2 streams:   

  1. Control (Maintain current supports, complete surveys and interviews) or 
  2. HOP-C (complete surveys and interviews, optional additional supports including peer support, community meet-ups, wellness group, psychological supports and additional case management)  

Who is eligible?  

You may qualify if you are:  

– age 16-26 years old at the start of the study period   

– recently moved ( less than 1 year ago) into stable housing   

– live in the GTA   

*stable housing means the young person has no reasonable expectation they will become destabilized from housing (eg. Return to family home, transitional housing, group home etc.)   

There are many ways to get in contact, find out more info and sign up!   

1. Sign Up: Reach out to the HOP-C Research Assistant Abi Bala (abi@wellesleyinstitute.com)   

2. Get more info: Check out our postcard (below)   

3. Outreach: Invite us to a team meeting or drop-in by replying to this e-mail  

The HOP-C Research project is a collaboration between LOFT Community Services, CAMH, Covenant House, the Wellesley Institute and the Centre for Mindfulness Studies. This research has been reviewed and approved by CAMH’s Research Ethics Board. Please contact sean.kidd@camh.ca if you have any concerns.