Guided MBCT Meditations

Access, listen to, and download the guided meditations for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as led by Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP and Gwen Morgan MSW RSW.

How to Download the Meditations

To download the meditations, click the “Download…” button on this page to each corresponding meditation. A new window will open in separate window where you can preview the audio. On the rightmost corner of each audio file, you will see an icon  as highlighted below ( downward pointing arrow on a line). Click the icon and the download will begin. The audio file will be sent automatically to your computer’s downloads folder.

Awareness of Breathing - Lying & Sitting (20 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Awareness of Breathing (10 mins)

by Gwen Morgan MSW RSW | Meditation

Body Scan (40 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts, Emotions (30 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Mindful Movement (35 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Three-Minute Breathing Space

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

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