Guided MBCT Meditations

Access, listen to, and download the guided meditations for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as led by Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP.

How to Download the Meditations

For Chrome, Safari and Android Users: To download the meditations, click the “Download…” button on this page or the MBCT, MBSR to each corresponding meditation. A new separate window will open where you can preview the audio. On the rightmost corner of each audio file, you may see one of the icons as highlighted below. If you do, click the icon to begin the download. If you don’t, right-click the meditation to “Save video as…” The audio file will be sent automatically to your computer’s downloads folder unless otherwise indicated.

For iOS Users: To download the meditations, first download the meditations on a computer (see instructions above) and then upload and sync the sound files on your iTunes account to sync it with your iOS device.

For Firefox and Internet Explorer Users: We apologize the download option seems inaccessible on these browsers. We’re working to resolve this issue, in the meantime, we recommend downloading Chrome if it’s accessible to you.

Body Scan (40 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Awareness of Breathing - Lying & Sitting (20 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

Awareness of Breath & Body + Intense Physical Sensations (30 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

BBSTE - Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts, Emotions (30 mins)

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation

BBSTE plus difficulty - Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts, Emotions (35 mins)*

by Patricia Rockman MD | Meditation


Three-Minute Responsive Breathing Space & BBSTE plus difficulty

This practice invites the meditator to bring up a manageable concern or worry toward the end of the practice. The purpose of this meditation is to allow the practitioner to explore or investigate somewhat difficult emotions in a more settled state where possible. Think of it as a kind of rehearsal or internal exposure to managing problems in a contained setting. Please note that this practice is generally learned in a group setting with the support of mindfulness facilitators. This practice is in no way meant to serve as therapy in its own right. Should you move out of your Window of Tolerance while practising this meditation, please let go of the practice, open your eyes, get up and move around, get a drink of water, taking care of yourself as needed.

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