MBSR Practicum

MBSR Practicum Program Testimonial: “The MBSR Practicum marked a turning point in my journey. Through hands-on learning, I gained profound insights and confidence in teaching MBSR. It not only deepened my mindfulness understanding but also honed my skills in guiding others.”

The MBSR Practicum is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

It is the third module of our MBSR Facilitation Certificate Program.

The MBSR Practicum will immerse those interested in teaching the 8-week MBSR program as participants, facilitators and observers.

Trainees will take on a variety of roles including teaching, providing and receiving feedback and developing skills of inquiry.

Readings and home practice will be an essential part of the program.

Relevant background will be provided in the areas of mindfulness, clinical research and mindful movement.

Participants Will Learn

  • To learn to deliver the 8-week MBSR program, maintaining fidelity to the protocol;
  • To practice guidance and inquiry in teach-backs, practice sessions, and recordings;
  • To receive feedback and coaching in guidance, inquiry, session organization, and managing the group;
  • To work with various approaches to achieve a deeper understanding of the assumptions, principles, and intentions of the MBSR program; and
  • To learn to embody mindfulness during group interactions (discussions and inquiry) and while guiding formal practices and communication exercises.
A young woman pictured in silhouette holding a meditation bell outside while sitting comfortably on her knees on a yoga mat
A group of mindful teachers standing wide apart in a large circle in a large green park smiling and listening to a mindful facilitator

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for healthcare providers, social service workers and others interested in developing some foundational skills to facilitate the 8-week MBSR program.

It is best suited for facilitator trainees who have experience with meditative practices and who have attended an 8-week MBSR group as a participant.

Apply Before Registering if you have not already been accepted into one of the Centre’s Facilitation Certificate Programs, please apply here.

Please note that, while you do not have to intend to complete the certificate training program to enroll in the MBSR Practicum, you do have to apply.

How many Continuing Education Credits (CECs)?


35 in-class hours


Varies based on location and course length

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Learn more about why the Centre added the MBSR Practicum as a core training module.

MBSR Practicum Program Testimonial: “The MBSR Practicum was incredibly practical, and the staff were exceptionally helpful. Their guidance and support made the course both enlightening and applicable to real-life situations.”
MBSR Practicum Program Testimonial: “This program provided an exploration of mindfulness grounded in science. The hands-on learning deepened my teaching skills, igniting a passion for its scientific aspects.”

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