Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resilience (MTER)

Learn mindfulness skills that are accessible and transferable in a variety of clinical settings
Learn to facilitate the 4-week Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resilience (MTER) program. This introductory program brings the lens of mindfulness into clinical work, addressing the emotion and attention regulation of your clients. This program can prepare them for longer, 8-week mindfulness programs that are usually offered through specialized mental health services. 

This psychoeducational and skills-based program is for those who are considering bringing mindfulness into their practice and are wishing to learn more about how to do this. MTER is a short-term, trauma-informed program and can be accessible to people dealing with emotional instability. Clinicians who are interested in a brief, practical approach to learning about therapeutic mindfulness in a health care setting will benefit from this program.

Course Content
In this 4-day professional training course, participants will examine the four modules of the MTER program:

  • Module 1: introduction to mindfulness for mental health; emotional regulation with mindfulness; grounding for safety; three-minute breathing space meditation; bringing mindfulness into daily life
  • Module 2: introduction to neuroplasticity and neuroscience of mindfulness; the triune model of the brain; how to meditate; meditation of breath
  • Module 3: mindfulness of emotions; the emotions wheel; sitting with pleasant / unpleasant / neutral emotions; meditation on working with emotions in the body
  • Module 4: planning for mindfulness in daily life; balancing stress with nourishing activities, self-compassion meditation

Please note this 4-day training is considered an initial step in learning to deliver a mindfulness-based program.


Who Should Attend
This program is suitable for providers such as psychologists, social workers, and front line workers who are looking to begin to integrate mindfulness into the mental health field.

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Online Format
Please note this will be a highly interactive web-based program. Your full attention and participation will be required.
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Fee: $560
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