Use Mindfulness for Anxiety & Transition this Year! 


At any given time, 20% of Canadians are living with an anxiety disorder, with self-reporting feelings of anxiety. This is at an all-time high (Mental Health Research Canada). Many more people report feeling stressed due to the pressures and uncertainties in their lives today. The number of people experiencing anxiety, uncertainty, and stress grew significantly through the Covid-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, the Centre for Mindfulness Studies launched a new program specifically designed to help manage anxiety and uncertainty during these unique times. This immediately popular program is now being offered for the third time.

Who are the facilitators?  

This program is taught by two highly skilled and regulated healthcare providers. Blakie is an Occupational Therapist and Psychotherapist in Ontario who has worked in the mental health field for over 15 years. She has a specialty in anxiety disorders and led a CBT for Anxiety group for over 6 years. Our second program facilitator is Rhea, who is a Registered Social Worker and Registered Psychotherapist. Rhea’s private practice and clinical supervision work is primarily focused on supporting people living with anxiety, health concerns, and relationship and workplace stressors. Rhea and Blakie are both senior facilitators and mentors with the Centre. Both facilitators actively use the skills taught in this course in their own lives.

What is unique about this program? 

The MAT program pulls on skills and techniques from a variety of psychotherapy modalities, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. We will be assisting participants in increasing their understanding of what anxiety is, the impact it has on daily life, and how to work with anxiety rather than against it.  

Who should take the program?  

As what we call a transdiagnostic anxiety group, this program is for those who may have a formal diagnosis of anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder) and for those that self-identify with living with the challenges of increased anxiety, especially through this challenging time of the pandemic.  

What kind of skills will this program teach 

Participants will learn specific techniques to use when anxiety is present, to improve their daily functioning using a variety of evidence-based techniques. We will be engaging in relaxation-based exercises, breathing practices, mindfulness-based exercises as well as grounding practices. Participants will leave with a personalized anxiety management plan.  


Mindfulness for Anxiety & Transition begins on April 26, 2021. 


Blog post written by Blakie Sahay OT Reg. (Ont.)

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