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Community of Practice Meeting 22–301–02

Start: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Fee: $25
Facilitator(s): Norm Farb Ph.D.

Befriending the Breath: The Subtle Neuroscience of Breath Awareness and Its Relevance for Well-Being

Join Norm Farb Ph.D, in an enlightening discussion about the latest in neuroscience research. Dr. Farb will share his most recent findings on how mindfulness meditation fosters resilience against stress, reducing vulnerability to affective disorders such as depression.
Mindfulness practice promises radical personal transformation, yet core mindfulness practices such as breath monitoring seem almost too simple to be the foundation of profound changes to one’s sense of self or well-being. How can the simple act of monitoring the breath, an omnipresent body signal, be simultaneously so challenging and transformative?

Perhaps breath monitoring is a microcosm of the balancing act we must perform to pursue our values in everyday life. Emerging neuroimaging research reveals that breath monitoring involves walking a ‘middle path’ between inhibiting conventional patterns of thought, while simultaneously working to preserve the more subtle signals of the breath in each moment.

This event is open to all the Centre’s trainees, and mindfulness instructors. 

The zoom link will be sent out to active faculty and registrants on October 12th.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 | 7pm – 8:30pm ET
Registration closes October 12th at noon ET

Fee: $25
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