The Board of Directors announces the appointment of Lucy White as Executive Director

We are pleased to announce the hiring of the Centre’s new Executive Director, Lucy White. Lucy has more than twenty years’ experience as a non-profit leader in a range of organizations and sectors. Lucy is known for her creative and entrepreneurial approach to non-profit management; she looks for opportunities to realign, grow, and increase impact. She values collaboration and encourages a diversity of viewpoints while advancing a strong vision and adherence to mission.

We look forward to benefitting from Lucy’s experience, skills and expertise working with a range of clients in community care, social services, and arts and culture. Her ability to rapidly assess what is needed and to work with Boards, staff and stakeholders to address strategic, governance, financial, human resources, program or operational challenges is just what the Centre needs at this critical juncture in our growth.

Lucy’s desire to join the Centre can best be described in Lucy’s own words: “I have been very interested to see the growing awareness and application of mindfulness in education, healthcare, and in the workplace. Throughout my working life, I have pursued a parallel interest in personal growth and well-being through meditation and have had a sitting practice for many years. At the same time, I have sought out opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness and to bring mindfulness into my work as an executive and consultant. I consider it a great gift to play a leadership role in the evolving work of The Centre for Mindfulness Studies as Executive Director. I am excited to work with Tita Angangco and Pat Rockman to continue their vision for greater mental health through mindfulness.”

Lucy succeeds Tita Angangco, who co-founded The Centre for Mindfulness Studies with Patricia Rockman in 2011, and has been both its Executive Director and Director for Community Services since the Centre’s inception.  The Centre has grown significantly over the past six years making it difficult for one person to manage both positions.  Tita will continue in her capacity as Director for Community Services since advancing mental health services for marginalized communities is what inspired her to create the Centre and continues to drive her commitment to the Centre’s work.

Paul Woolner, Co-Chair
Jeffery Smith, Co-Chair

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