Mental Health Week: “Body bringing presence”

Today’s body meditation can help us be more open and receptive to what our body is telling us. Bringing us into the present moment with the body allows us to see where stress and anxiety physically show up, this can be valuable information on what’s happening with us mentally. The wisdom of the body is something we often take for granted, tapping into it may offer a new way of being.

4 Minute Meditation on the Body


Melissa Nigrini M.Ed RP
Profession: Registered Psychotherapist, Educator

Melissa Nigrini specializes in adult education and experiential learning, with over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating education programs and curricula. Melissa has been a mindfulness meditation practitioner for over 15 years and is a certified facilitator of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery and SMART Education. At the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, she is a facilitator, trainer and mentor, as well as curriculum and faculty development lead. She is a senior instructor in the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program at University of Toronto. She also designs and facilitates mindfulness programs for organizations.

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