Why I participate in the Mindfulness Challenge

Oct 24, 2018

Awareness raised by my mindfulness practice not only helps me cope with anxiety but it also shines a light on what I need to let go of in my life in order to sustain wellbeing. I have also studied some history and practices of mindfulness to supplement my continuing education as an ICF credentialed coach. The most meaningful discussions with my clients have started with a mindfulness exercise.


Mindfulness benefits everyone. I am pleased to see The Centre for Mindfulness Studies making mindfulness therapy more accessible. Honestly, I am not a fan of fundraising but doing it for the Mindfulness Challenge is not a chore. My friends and colleagues get the concept easily and find the initiative refreshing. They are happy to contribute.


Last year was my first time attending the Challenge and I was delighted to
experience a variety of mindfulness activities. I look forward to engaging in the collective spirit again this year. The theme statement, Resilient self, Resilient communities, reflects not only my own journey this past year but reminds us that our self-care is a foundation for connecting with others.

Jo Bennett is the owner of Solomojo Coaching. She is a certified professional coach in Toronto. She provides wellbeing workshops and has a background as a professional actor. https://www.solomojo.ca

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