Testimonials from our Clients

With the permission of participants, they have shared the following feedback:

“I suffered for years from a combination of pain, depression and sleep problems. I cycled back and forth between anti-depressants, sleeping aids and pain medications. My symptoms had become so tightly braided that nothing really helped. The self-knowledge and techniques I gained in the MBCT course has begun to loosen the knot—and has given me hope that I might be able to finally unravel it.”- Grant Stewart

Below are some comments from end of course feedback forms which are returned anonymously to allow for honesty of appraisal:

“Mindfulness allows me to properly prioritize issues and to respond with an appropriate voice when necessary.” 
– MBCT Participant

“It is a miracle for me to actually be able to face depression and negative feelings head on.”
– MBCT Participant

“I thought about this class every day. It was challenging and helped me understand what mindfulness was. I learned way more than if I had read a book by myself (which I tried.)” 
– MBCT Participant

“I needed to find a way to recognize my triggers deal with thoughts before I started to end up in a depressive state and this class has helped me with that. I was at the point where I might have had to use anti-depressants but at this time I don’t feel like it is necessary.”
– MBCT Participant

“I am not the same person as when I started. I am learning to trust my judgement and thoughts. I will continue to meditate on a daily basis and this has been so powerful and profound in my change that I will continue to pursue more avenues for learning about it.” – MBCT Participant

“Having lived with chronic pain and depression for so long, all the doctors can only prescribe drugs. I wanted something safer and more effective. First time I felt some foundation from stress and for managing it.” 
– MBCT Participant

“I feel that I am on the cusp of changing my life for the better. This is huge.”
– MBCT Participant

I think the skills learned in this course along with additional hard-work and reflection helps you feel more okay with being and playing in the unknown.” 
– MBCT Participant

This course has been important in helping me understand the theoretical values of mindfulness based activities in dealing with depressive/anxious thoughts. I am beginning to feel that in my daily practice.”  
– MBCT Participant

Mindfulness has been really helpful for me personally and professionally. I developed a lot of habits around multi-tasking and rushing and thinking ahead. Mindfulness has helped me notice these tendencies and step out of them” 
– MBCT Basics Participant

“It was very important for me to get out and do this work with others. I tend to isolate myself when feeling anxious/depressed so being with others and talking about my experiences was unusual and valuable.”- MBCT Basics Participant

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