We offer a certificate program in Applied MBCT Facilitation which provides comprehensive training to professionals interested in learning how to facilitate mindfulness-based cognitive therapy courses. The program is certified through the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. To our knowledge, this is the only specialized program on MBCT facilitation in Canada.

The program consists of two levels of certification:

1. Core MBCT Facilitation: five modules. Modules three and four are available once a year. The other modules reoccur seasonally. Applicants for the certificate must hold professional clinical credentials. Please contact the Centre if you are unsure if you meet the criteria.

It is highly recommended that students participate in an eight-week MBCT program either prior to or during their training for this Level C certificate. Participants who are undertaking the Certificate program should also ideally take the five-day for Preventing Depressive Relapse with Zindel Segal prior to taking the Practicum.

Core MBCT Facilitation Certificate Modules:

  • 1. MBCT Basics
  • 2. Core MBCT Facilitation: A CBT Primer for Mindfulness Practitioners
  • 3. Core MBCT Facilitation: MBCT for Preventing Depressive Relapse
  • 4. Core MBCT Facilitation: Practicum on MBCT Facilitation
  • 5. Core MBCT Facilitation: Refining Inquiry

Please note that you may also enroll in individual modules without pursuing the completion of the certificate. 


2. Supervised MBCT Facilitation: A mentorship and supervision stream for graduates of Core MBCT Facilitation who wish to apply their facilitation skills through one of the Centre’s MBCT courses and receive individualized supervision from one of the Centre’s expert facilitators.

Once you have completed all five modules and would like to receive your certificate, please contact the Centre at