5 Steps to Move from Fear to Kindness

Fear is an obstacle to kindness. Fear can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from taking kind action, from being the person we want to be and making the choices we want to make. Standing near the top of an escalator, I watched a middle-aged woman fall as she got...

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Why Community Mental Health?

The Centre for Mindfulness Studies has a bold vision for mindfulness-based mental health. Our long-term objective is to move the routine treatment of mood disorders to a more cost-effective, and vastly more accessible model than what the current healthcare paradigm...

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Finding Peace Through Mindfulness

Raised in an abusive home, John Rogers struggled with his feelings of resentment and anger for years. “My first 22 years of life were hell,” he says, reflecting on his childhood growing up with an alcoholic mother. Leaving home at age 13, he had his own challenges and...

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Let’s Get Curious!

Although curiosity killed the cat it would appear that it is an essential quality for human development and learning. It is also a primary aspect of mindfulness. Curiosity allows us to begin to turn toward the entirety of experience, moving us from avoidance to...

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Using Mindfulness to Navigate “Self”

“I think, therefore I am,” doesn’t mean I am my thoughts, nor does it mean that you are yours. Even though Descartes believed, “If I am thinking then I must exist…” other philosophers later pointed out that the thoughts might be coming from somewhere else (although...

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Why Self-Compassion is the New Mindfulness

Did you know self-compassion is the new black? Last year it was mindfulness but this year, attending without judgment is out and compassion for you as an antidote to your perceived low self-worth, failure, or any other form of suffering is definitely in. This is...

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“More Powerful Than a Pill”

I’ve lived with anxiety and depression for many years. After being prescribed medication by a psychiatrist, I did get better for a while but it also made me more anxious. I was worried about possible side effects and being on medication for the rest of my life. I knew...

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Skeptic to Mindfulness Teacher: A Physician’s Story

Like many, I had heard about mindfulness and knew a little about meditation. But I freely admit that I was a skeptic. I thought it was airy-fairy and the stuff of beads, granola and West Coast hippy-dippy culture. As a physician, I knew very little about its use to...

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Spring Cleaning for the Mind: Letting Go of Self-Criticism

by Dr. Amy Hurley Clinical Psychologist It’s hard to believe it is the second week of April. The reality of spring can be seen in the initial buds of the trees and the fervor of the joggers eager to get back to their ambitious routines. At this time of year, many of...

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